December 2008 Newsletter

Durban Dojo, KZN

KUSHIDO KZN started off 2008 in a very positive way. All students came back feeling ready to give of their best in their training. The Dojo was very fortunate, in that it had a big influx of people who were very interested in training. We started the year off with a get together at the Dojo for all students and their families. There was a great turn out and all seemed to have a lot of fun especially the Juniors and Pre-KUSHIDO who could not get enough of the jumping castle.

I was very impressed with our Pre-KUSHIDO class that was asked by a local school to put on a Martial Arts display for their fun day.

The Pre-KUSHIDO worked very hard and delivered a very professional and exciting demo. The demo incorporated some basic techniques, ippon kumite, kata, kata applications and a private defence sequence done to classical music. It was amazing to see such young KUSHIDO-ka performing these techniques and most of all performing them on a stage in front of an audience. Well done Pre-KUSHIDO team!

Later in the year KUSHIDO KZN was asked by our local zoo to perform a demonstration at a zoo fund raising event where the theme was 'the close human relation to animals'. Part of the demonstration was the performance of Seyiunchin kata (it is said that this kata has its origins in the Tiger Fist fighting arts of ancient China) and straight after the Kata a cheetah was brought into the same floor space. If there was any doubt of what the feeling should be when performing Seyiunchin or how one should focus the eyes and intent in the Kata, it was all made very clear by just a few seconds being in the presence and looking into the eyes of this wild cat.

The high light of the year however, has to have been the International 45th anniversary Gashuku in Cape Town. I would like to congratulate all the Durban students who made the effort to go to the Gashuku. Although quite a few of the Durban students were affected by the bug that was going around at Gashuku everyone had a very positive and exciting experience. A great big thank-you to Hanshi, Shihan Merelle and all the Shihan and teachers who made this such a great Gashuku.

Our end of year event was also a very good event. The turn out was not as big as what it could have been but every one is always over booked with events in the December month. Once again the big Jumping Castle was a great success and so was the Junior and Pre-KUSHIDO competitions.

Well done to all the students for their hard work and constant striving for perfection of the self and the art. KUSHIDO KZN wishes all of KUSHIDO all the best for 2009 and we wish you all the strength for your endless journey up the Martial Arts mountain.

We hope to see all of you soon on the Dojo floor.
Mauro Pereira Sensei

Congratulations to Sensei Mauro on his marriage to Annie.

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