December 2008 Newsletter


Women in Kushido

ImageOnce again we focused on the Yin and Yang - with the women bringing in a different aspect to training, than the otherwise 'tough brutes' in the dojos.

Unfortunately we only had two women's trainings during the year, I was away in August, and the training scheduled for December, had to be cancelled, due to the collapse of the dojo ceiling

We spent time on more subtle techniques, body evasion and correct moving techniques, with one session being assisted by Sensei Rijk of Kalk Bay showing the ladies the effect of inner strength, and projection of energy, without major muscle power. The classes were well attended and I think all grades benefited.

Times are getting tougher, and crime is on the increase, whether we like it or not. I would like to see all the women being more prepared for all eventualities, and would like to focus more on self defence this coming year, incorporated into our normal karate training. i.e. getting the ladies used to being grabbed and grappled , something we all hate, but is oh so necessary.

Congratulathen we lived on a building sid colour belts during the year, we are all very proud of you and encourage you to keep up the training:

Orange Belts
Jessica Hichens - Kalk Bay dojo
Shannan Thomson - Riverside dojo

Green Belts
Sonja Woudberg - Somerset West dojo
Loren Barale - Somerset West dojo

Brown Belts
Jenna Hume - Plumstead dojo
Tania Brink - Kenridge dojo

Black Belts

Amanda Adams - Kalk Bay dojo
Amelia de Klerk - riverside dojo

3rd Dan

Sandy Standish - Plumstead dojo

It was great to see so many of you at the Gashuku, and at the endurance Kata training in December. You are all a vital part of every dojo, and even when times are tough and you don't feel up to it, remember, part of the training is to overcome oneself, and you feel so great when you do.

Lets make 2009 the best ever, and remember, YOU are the most important person in YOUR life - take care of YOURSELF, and only then, can you take care of others.

ImageHout Bay

Welcome to the New Year from Hout Bay Dojo!

Hout bay has been training this year from the 5th of January so that we can get a good head start on training. Kind of like taking the bull by the horns. Progress comes from working hard, working cleverly and getting on with it. This is the theme in Hout Bay Dojo for 2009.Â

May this be a year for stepping ahead for everyone.