December 2008 Newsletter


ImageThis year was a challenging one for our dojo, and it was one where students progressed steadily.

We spent a fair part of the year incorporating new knowledge into the way we decipher and understand kata, by applying a set of rules to test our performance of each kata. This knowledge was continually tested and refined and the results started to show in practical applications and ippon-kumite practice.

Our students continued to do their dojo and themselves proud, with a number of students standing out for special personal achievements. Tanya Brink was graded to Brown Belt 8th level and Eduan Naude Brown Belt 10th level.

Our Junior class kept up their training well for the whole year, and Storme-Lee Oliver once again showed everyone else up by putting in the most classes for the year. (It was very close.) Darren Booth was voted by the kids (in his absence), as being the junior who trains the hardest, while Jaimie & Kayleigh Pratt were the most improved students. Greg Hierse & Carley Jordaan were promoted from 'pre-Kushido' ranks to the 'Junior' ranks, a big step for little legs. Kyle Jordaan is probably the heaviest hitter in the Junior class, and we must consider moving him & Darren to the Senior class soon.

One of the things that keep the dojo strong, is the number of students who have other family members involved with the dojo as students or ex students. In the Junior class, 100% of the class either have a sibling in the class, or as an ex-student. In the Senior class, 75% of our students fit this category. (A family that plays together, stays together?)

Well, 2009 is already upon us, with fresh challenges and resolutions. It's time to re-ignite the passion to train and to self motivate.

We wish all of our students and their families a safe and prosperous 2009, and thank them for their ongoing, unwavering support. We also extend these wishes to all of our training friends that we have made in other dojos through gashuku, courses and other Kushido related activities. These friendships transcend the 'ranks' that govern our behaviour on the training floor, and we see each other as martial artists, each finding their own path through the training.

In conclusion, let's look forwards with open hearts and take on 2009 with vigour. Commit now to your training. Prepare for gashuku later on this year (also start putting away some cash for it).

ImageSomerset West

Somerset West dojo enjoyed a good solid 2008. The adult class is solidifying and we have had a number of new female students joining. It certainly helps with attaining balance in the classes.

A number of junior students are also starting to bridge the gap between the junior and adult classes.

2008 saw the 45th anniversary of Kushido. It was a momentous occasion in our history and we enjoyed the interaction with some of the international sections of the Kushido community.